Welcome to the Tameside Kempo Ju-Jitsu club's website
A member of the Shin-Ga-Do Association

Shin-Ga-Do (The Way To Ones True Self) was founded in 1994 by Master Mark Kemp, Sensei Bob Sims, Sensei Martin Allen and Sensei Mick Brown.

The Shin-Ga-do Association was formed from the desire to eliminate the politics from martial arts, therefore the association's politics are, that we have no politics!

We believe in training with anybody who wishes to invite us to their Dojo and offer the same open welcome to all other clubs regardless of style. If we are asked we will do our best to attend any course, any style and try to be an open-minded association. Our instructors visit the clubs in the association on a regular basis to continue the promotion of this philosophy.

Shin-Ga-do began with four clubs in England and now is a multi-style Association with clubs all over the UK and has links to different styles of martial arts around the world. We practice both traditional and modern martial arts with fully qualified instructors, ranging from 10th Dan down to 1st Dan in Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Gung Fu, Aikido, and many other styles.



We may not be a large association but we are a large family.

Unfotunately, due to time constraints, the web site is not fully finished as yet. I hope to do the "whistles and bells" fairly soon